Circ Circ

Foundation2018 (Formerly Flash, now Bird)
Partnership TypeInsurance partnership, investment by signals Venture Capital


Circ was founded in August 2018 under the name Flash by Lukasz Gadowski. Shortly before the offering was launched in the first German city the company got renamed to Circ. The e-scooter provider is active in 43 cities and in a total of 12 countries. In December 2019, Circ modernized its e-scooter fleet and replaced the existing models with a new generation featuring a replaceable battery. At the beginning of 2020, the US competitor Bird took over the Berlin company. Further informationen.


In 2019, signals venture capital invested in the aspiring company. Shortly before the offical start in Germany in June 2019, SIGNAL IDUNA Group and Circ conclude a comprehensive insurance partnership. Not only the e-scooter fleet in Germany was insured by the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, policies abroad were also insured by the company and its network. At the beginning of 2020, US competitor Bird took over the Berlin company, resulting in signals Venture Capital now being invested in Bird.

  • Photo of Lukasz Gadowski<br />
Founder and CEO
    "The cooperation and collaboration with signals was one of the best that I have experienced as a founder yet. We received every conceivable help and, last but not least, we were able to rely on signals and their network for the insurance of our e-scooters."
    Lukasz Gadowski
    Founder and CEO

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