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signals Startup Client

The signals Startup Client is the Venture Client unit of SIGNAL IDUNA Group designed to build bridges between startups and corporates. This unit is the gateway for startups that want to scale in the insurance industry and beyond.

Aimed at creating long-term partnerships with mutual benefit, the team supports startups in finding the right touchpoints and facilitates the entire partnership process.

While startups win a leading insurer as a Venture Client, the SIGNAL IDUNA Group gains the opportunity to test and implement new solutions quickly and easily.

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What we look for

The signals Startup Client is always looking for new tools to improve the services and processes at Signals Iduna, as well as to provide innovative products and services that add value to our corporate’s clients.

  • Solutions for our clients

    To excite Signal Iduna’s clients with outstanding products and innovative complementary services, we are looking for startups with innovative, value-added services in the fields of health insurance, life insurance, property and casualty insurance.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    To boost the efficiency of the corporate’s processes and align those closely with its business goals, we strive for cutting-edge technologies to organize and standardize the IT infrastructure.

  • Data Analytics

    In order to provide tailor-made products & services to our clients, we first have to understand and know them through data preparation, data processing and evaluation.